Himroo Shawl Aurangabad

1. Description

Himroo is a fabric made of silk and cotton, which is grown locally in Aurangabad (MH), India. The word Himroo originated from Persian work Hum-Ruh, which means Similar. Himroo is a replication of Kum-Khwab, which was woven with pure gold and silver threads in olden days, and was meant for royal family.

Himroo was bought to Aurangabad in the reign of Mhd Tughlaq, when he shifted his capital from Delhi to Aurangabad. Himroo from Aurangabad is in demand for it’s unique style and design, Himroo designs are inspired by the paintings of Ajanta caves and Persian designs.

Mughals, Nizams and members from royal family used the famous Aurangabad Himroo.

The True Treasure of Aurangabad.

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